Joseph and Nicodemus


The two men who buried Jesus had been secret disciples, but were also members of the ruling Council that condemned him.  Place yourself in their shoes, and imagine their thoughts and fears during that fateful week as they helplessly watch events unfold.
(The Bible records their stories in John 3:1-21, 7:50, 19:38-42)

Joseph and Nicodemus
Secret disciples of Jesus
(Both men are rich and respected –
Keen to keep their reputation)

Joseph and Nicodemus
As Jesus comes before Council
(They are members of the Council
But fear what their colleagues will do)

Joseph and Nicodemus
As Council considers his fate
(The two of them have one vote each –
But the Council has seventy)

Joseph and Nicodemus
As Jesus is condemned to death
(Now is the time for decision.
It’s time to stand up for their faith)

Joseph and Nicodemus
As they bury him in the tomb
(Now everyone knows they believe –
But is it too late to commit?)

Joseph and Nicodemus
On hearing the body is gone
(They hardly dare think what this means –
They know that the tomb was well sealed)

Joseph and Nicodemus
Convinced by the Resurrection
(Now that they’ve seen the evidence
They’ve become open disciples)

© Derrick Phillips 2018


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