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You’ve visited my blog and (probably) read one of more of the posts – and you’re welcome. You’re welcome to like or dislike what you read. You’re welcome to agree or disagree. But thanks for visiting anyway. If you don’t like what I’ve said, why not use the feedback button to post your comments? I’m happy to debate with thinking people. If you like what you see, why not look into the Bigger Picture by reading one of more of my books? On this blogsite, I’ve written about faith, the Bible, prayer, and spirituality, but a book allows space to develop propositions in greater depth. Oh, and some of the books tell you more about my personal history and my journey of faith.

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The essence of prayer is love. That’s the fundamental premise and starting point for this book, which teaches techniques, but refutes obligation. We pray because we want to. But we don’t all pray alike. Some people feel guilty or inadequate, because they don’t pray in the way they’ve been told they should. But they may be praying in ways that perfectly suit their own personality. To give a comprehensive explanation of prayer could take several lifetimes, but this book’s 80 compact chapters are wide ranging enough to provide a valuable overview. Each chapter starts with a poem or quotation that crystallises the subject. The chapters describe options that suit different personalities and lifestyles. The studies progress from simple beginnings to ‘deeper’ forms of prayer – but, to quote from Chapter 38: “Prayer is for all, but not all types of prayer are for everyone.”
Let us pray as we are (not as we are not).
Let us pray because we want to.
Let us pray anywhere, anytime, anyhow.
But, however we do it – let us pray.

For a more detailed review of this book and how it came to be written, read the article, The volume of silence.
This book is available from in paperback or Kindle versions. ISBN Number 978-1542903868.

Amplified music, electric guitars, drums, and songs with a beat are commonplace in 21st century churches, Christian conventions, and evangelistic events – though some people still deplore their presence. Before the 1960s such things were unthinkable. Times have changed. But how did it all start? The beginnings can be found in a suburban living room, where a young Bible student’s short sermon produced 100% success. Everyone in the room was converted – all four of them. That night forms part of the history of the first Christian rock band – and the rest of the story is just as remarkable.

This book is available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook format. ISBN: 172915199X

My Goodness!
Holiness isn’t fashionable, but tricks and gimmicks are not what the world needs from us. There’s no stronger testimony for the Gospel than a transformed life. But how do we maintain that? How does temptation work? And how can we resist it?

(Also available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle eBook format)

Little Church of Bethany – ‘small village – big heart – huge influence’

In first century Palestine a little village called Bethany was home to two sisters and a brother whose lives of faith helped change history. In 20th century Britain an 800-year-old village church went into decline, much like many at that time. But it reversed its decline and grew to become a force for change in the local community and beyond.
Little Church of Bethany weaves together these two stories, focusing on Bethany’s characters and events and showing the power of small churches to change themselves and their community.
This book is available from Amazon  in paperback or Kindle versions. ISBN Number 978-1530721610.

Fundamentalism is a risky strategy for maintaining faith. It can lead to arrogance or even cruelty and it doesn’t cope well with doubts. This book records a one man’s 20-year journey from fundamentalism to honest faith, facing the problems and questions that cause people to stumble over scripture. The author continues to read the Bible daily and gains strength from its teachings. But he is no longer a fundamentalist.

This book is available from Amazon in paperback or Kindle versions. ISBN Number 978-1519688064.

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