Did Jesus found the church?

He certainly didn’t set up a multi-national organisation with plush headquarters and a complex hierarchy, nor even a national institution controlling numerous congregations and an imposed Statement of Faith.  But the New Testament gives evidence that he went further in the church foundation direction than just selecting the twelve apostles.

The making of Shemayin

I have long wanted to write a fiction story, but I couldn’t find a credible plot.  But now I had the first paragraph of what would become the book, “Shemayin”.  I had the first idea, but it didn’t have that title, nor a story line, nor any characters – yet! 

Jesus in the Wilderness

Jesus began his ministry following his encounter with John the Baptist. The four Gospels are unanimous about that, and it’s an easy story to understand. But the next story, whilst familiar, is much harder to comprehend. We are presented with a picture of God incarnate in a head-to-head debate with the Devil. What’s happening here?