Sixty years on

planned to go to Bible College; I’d passed the interview and been offered a place.  However, I didn’t go, which was the right outcome, because my plan to become a pastor was an ambition rather than a calling. The year was 1961, I still wanted to serve God in a special way, but I took a job in an insurance office in the City of London. It wasn’t what I expected,  but it all made sense when a friend had the idea to form a rock group and invited me to join.

Still Digging

Who needs another book about prayer when there’s already so many?  But this one’s got a chapter called, “Yellow Card”, and others called, “Lord, I can’t find you”, “Not about duty”, and “Let it all out”, so there’s something different about it. This book doesn’t tell you the right way to pray. Rather it describes lots of different ways, and deals with awkward questions

We walk

“walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work”[1] Walking. It’s a human thing. On the day we start walking we stop being defined as babies. As a species we are unique in the way we walk. We stand tall, looking forward, looking far and near, and noticing things. We … Continue reading We walk

The Sky Voice

These three occasions, when a voice spoke to Jesus from the sky, mark stages in the Gospel story when Jesus understood and accepted the destination of his ministry. He wasn’t was born knowing the full script for his life. He was born as a normal, human baby lying helpless in a cattle trough – then he learned his destiny by stages.

Prayer in hopelessness

When people turn to prayer as a last resource, they are being logical. It’s as reasonable as gasping in a quick breath and swimming along a flooded passageway to find an uncertain escape route. It’s better than giving up. Prayer in hopelessness contains an improbable grain of hope.