Burning Bush

This poem is slightly updated from the original I wrote in 2003. It is based on the story of Moses as told in chapter three of the book of Exodus
Imagine the burning bush as a reflection of Moses. Imagine the burning bush as a reflection of you.

Roots in sand – a tenuous hold on soil and life;
Branches exposed to the parching desert sun.
Survival always in the balance;
The barest spark could destroy me.
But this fire does not consume;
It warms; it illuminates; it energises;
Changing this dried-up thorn bush
Into a blazing image of God.

Therefore, I AM…
Aglow with a fire called love.

And now he can send me;
Still just a small desert plant,
But a bearer of God’s love;
Still essentially me
But on fire.

© Derrick Phillips 2003, revised 2023

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